Green Design, Green Building, Water Mitigation Services

Green design solutions that will help you eliminate waste and save money.

Living Roofs

Living roofs also lengthen the life span of a roof two to three times, an obvious cost savings. Let alone that’s less petroleum products used to make rubber roofs saving even more energy and resources. This conversely translates to less raw sewage entering local water ways, reducing pollution.


Living Walls

Living walls are exactly that, a live vegetated vertical surface. On exterior placements they provide a barrier to the radiant heat of the sun in the summers and can improve any surface and area with a beautiful environment. Keeping buildings cooler in the summer can reduce energy costs and reduce exterior temperatures.


Rain Barrel Systems

Whether you’re dealing with ongoing drought or excessive storm water there are many tools that can help. By isolating storm water underground you can reduce polluted runoff, save money on water, let alone have better reuse and reduce your dependence on municipal water.


Commercial & Residential Planters

No matter what the application Green Streets has the most beautiful planters on the market today. Be it for your home, factory, or business we have a solution that will stand the test of time in style and durability.


Window Boxes

Our eco-friendly window boxes do not require liners, use high quality stainless steel hardware and are naturally resistant to moisture, warping and rot. The end result is a planter that looks great and adds to the appearance of your home.


Rain Perfect Solar Barrels

Eureka, we finally found it! A simple, cost effective method for you to maximize your rain barrel and all of that free water you’re collecting! Rain Perfect is the ideal method as not only is it an effective method to pump your rain water, but its powered by the sun!