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Environmental Law Consulting

These days, most property owners are contending with a proverbial two-edged sword. On the one hand, there are increasing environmental and land use regulations, but on the other hand, there are new incentives to utilize green technology to produce real savings over time through energy efficiency, while simultaneously benefiting from tax savings or credits. Similarly, while real estate values have decreased, opportunities exist to avail yourself of property tax reductions and tax abatements.

Henry Sheldon & Associates provides consulting services, representation at hearings and appeals before boards and agencies, and litigation expertise in the following areas: land use and zoning, land development, Brownfields redevelopment, environmental regulations, property tax reduction, historic preservation, 1031 exchanges, and eminent domain. In addition, we can provide connections and referrals for property appraisal, engineering and environmental services, permit approval, and other services.

Mr. Sheldon has both legal and technical expertise, having obtained a Juris Doctor degree with specialized certification in Environmental and Energy Law and a Master of Science degree in Geosciences. He has served on the Hamilton County (Ohio) Board of Revisions, a Brownfields Panel in Chicago, and formerly held positions at both the American Planning Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Sheldon currently serves on several environmental- and planning-related boards and committees in the Cincinnati area.

Henry Sheldon & Associates can help navigate today’s complex and changing environmental, land use, and real estate issues, capitalizing on both short and long term monetary savings incentives, while reducing negative impact on the environment.